Code of ethics

Compliance with the Law

All laws, regulations, standards and customs that are in effect in Poland are strictly observed and adhered to in all business transactions and decisions.

Fair Competition

Stal-Service Sp. z o.o. places the highest priority on transparent and fair conduct on the market. Restrictions of free competition and violations of unfair competition and antitrust laws are incompatible with the philosophy, culture and self-image of Stal-Service Sp. z o.o..

Bribery and Corruption

Stal-Service Sp. z o.o. combats any form of corruption, bribery and acceptance of gifts. It is strictly forbidden for any Employee of the company to directly or indirectly offer or accept benefits likely to or capable of making an impression of influencing business transactions.

Observing Fundemental Rights

Stal-Service Sp. z o.o. does not tolerate any form of discrimination and it promotes equal opportunities and equal treatment regardless of colour, nationality, social background, any disabilities, sexual orientation, political or religious beliefs, and sex or age. An individual’s dignity, privacy and personal rights shall be honoured. Derogative treatment of Employees by means of psychological stress, sexual harassment or similar means shall not be tolerated in Stal-Service Sp.z o.o.

Training and Development

An important focal point of Stal-Service Sp. z o.o. is the training and development of own Employees. The objective is to shape appropriate conduct, customer orientation and a strong foundation for environmental awareness and social responsibility.


Community and Social Commitment

Stal-Service Sp. z o.o. strives to support organisations and institutions with humanitarian, social, charitable, educational or cultural objectives.

Customer-Oriented Conduct

The conduct of Stal-Service Sp. z o.o. is customer-oriented. Stal -Service's understanding of quality concept refers to the manufacture of products, adherence to schedules, reliability, flexibility and technical and economical target achievement. Through its actions, Stal-Service Sp. z o.o. tries to achieve a high degree of customer benefit and satisfaction.

Risk Management

Stal-Service Sp. z o.o. promotes sensitivity for strategic and operative risks through a uniform and transparent risk management that assists in the early recognition of the said risks. The central objective of conscious risk management in Stal-Service Sp. z o.o. is the knowledge and control of all the risks involved (financial, business, environmental and safety risks).

Occupational Health and Safety

Stal-Service Sp. z o.o. ensures a safe and healthy work environment. Strict adherence to safety regulations and best practices is required to do so. A systematic study and a responsible and prompt handling of dangerous situations increase the awareness of Employees with respect to occupational health and safety. The preventative measures allow the company to avoid many dangerous situations and accidents.

Environmental Protection

Stal-Service Sp. z o.o. considers environmental and social issues in all business decisions and in the management of resources and infrastructure. Stal-Service Sp. z o.o. strives to minimize the influence of its activity on the environment.

Business Partners

In selecting business partners, suppliers, etc., Stal-Service Sp. z o.o. pays attention to the rules presented in this Code of Ethics so as to ensure consistent compliance therewith in all the operations of the company.