Our offer

Stal-Service can offer:
Comprehensive production and delivery of reinforcement products to large construction projects
Full support for small customers
Deliveries of reinforcement steel and steel mesh
Steel rods are cut with pull line shears and moved by dedicated transmission tables to automatic bending machines for processing according to drawings on labels.
Coiled steel is straightened, cut and bent by automatic machines some of which have special guides for strengthening long bars. All our automatic machines are capable of manufacturing shapes and stirrups in 6-16 mm diameter range. Our computer software will be shortly connected directly with automatic machines allowing for direct transfer of production instructions.
Each delivery of products is accompanied with delivery note specifying all dispatched items to enable quick and easy identification of using drawing numbers. Also quality documents are sent, including declaration of supplier and steel-mill certificates confirming the quality of raw materials used in production.
We rely on reinforcement steel from the largest steel-mills in Poland and abroad to ensure that only the best raw materials are used. Only steel with all required certificates, safety certificates Band technical approvals issued by the Building Research Institute and Road and Bridge Research Institute.

Reinforcement products manufactured by STAL-SERVICE Sp. z o.o. are mainly made of A-IIIN class reinforcement steel in the following grades:
From 10 to 32 mm diameter – BST 500S grade deformed steel (class A-IIIN) with minimum yield limit of Re=500 MPa
From 10 to 32 mm diameter –B500SP (EPSTAL) grade deformed steel (EC2 class C) with minimum yield limit of Re=500 MPa
From 10 to 20 mm diameter – B500SP (class A-IIIN) coiled deformed steel with minimum yield limit of Re=500 MPa
From 6 to 14 mm diameter– grade St500-b (class A-IIIN) deformed steel with minimum yield limit of Re=500 MPa